Greetings from the Land of Tech Headaches

Hi everybody.

I am once again writing a blog post mainly for the purpose of testing whether my new email distribution system is working (signs point to no), so I apologize to anyone who continues to be subjected to these content-empty blog posts!! I’m not the absolute worst at tech stuff, and I even live with a tech guy, but nonetheless, there’s so much in the world of computer technology that’s so difficult for anyone who isn’t an expert. I wish it were not so. I feel a little bit like a seahorse who is trying to build a web, or a spider who is trying to survive underwater, or any number of metaphors about not belonging where you are :).

La la la. Ho hum! Now we have gotten to the point in the post where I insert a random picture, so that if the email that is supposed to send does indeed, via some miracle, send (signs point to no), I will be able to see how it handles pictures. Let’s see, what do I want to share this time? Let’s go with this little guy whom I collaged into being.



Well then, there we have it. Another thrilling blog post from the desk of a beloved author. 🙂 If I can’t get this to work this time, I will probably have to resort to professional help, so be comforted that at least this should be the last post like this one. Be well, everyone.