New Year’s Reflections

Just after the New Year, I spent some time in Vermont. I go to Vermont to write, but ever since the start of the pandemic, I also go there for some clarity of thought. Sometimes it’s easier to figure out how you’re doing if you can get some distance from everything. Where I go, I… Read more »

In Which I Embark on My Life’s Grandest Adventure ♥ ♥ A Day in Pictures

We set out very early… and drove through the fog. The sun rose before us. I was wearing pretty great socks. Our destination was Quechee, Vermont. It was pretty foggy there too. Oh look! It’s Kevin’s sister, Heather!And something interesting in the background… What’s that guy doing? Dude, weird basket. Did you know that when… Read more »

How I Got the Doctor Who News

Last week, I was by myself in Vermont, trying to make progress on the new book I’m writing. I had no cell or Internet access, except when I drove into town, which I didn’t do very often. Here’s a view of the meadow I could see as I wrote. One day, I drove into town… Read more »

How to Attract Teeny Tiny Birds

Twice as I sat on the edge of this balcony, a ruby-throated hummingbird appeared and inspected my feet. (Thanks for the pic, Kevin and Heather!)