Presenting My New Cover

Today I’m pleased to share the cover for my upcoming There Is a Door in This Darkness, which comes out in June 2024. For more info and a brief excerpt, please visit the Penguin Teen Blog. This lovely cover was designed by Jessica Jenkins and Theresa Evangelista.

I’ll have more details to share about this book as the time nears. It’s about magic, doughnuts, amusing prophecies, friendships, elephants, snow geese, owls, and grief (among other things), and it takes place in my own home of Watertown, Massachusetts. I’m quite proud of it, actually. More info to come when I’m less dizzy! Before I go, though, I’ll mention a difference of opinion that’s arisen. Some people see a gold background, shining through a maze that’s cut into a painted blue foreground. Some people see a blue background, with a golden maze drawn on top of it. It’s like The Dress. Remember The Dress? Take a look. Look closely! What do you see?

(One more thing: I’ve largely moved my social media presence to Instagram, so feel free to follow me there at @kristincashore.)


A book cover for There Is a Door in This Darkness by Kristin Cashore, showing a golden maze, door-shaped, shining through a blue-sky-like foreground.