Tiny Quick Update

Hi everyone, I’m deep into revising the next Graceling Realm book (starring Hava), which is why I haven’t been here on the blog. It’s also why over on Twitter, mostly I’ve just been tweeting pictures of candles. I am Very Absorbed. Also, we moved to a new apartment last month. Also life. Also the pandemic… Read more »

These Texas Organizations Need Our Support

Here are a few organizations that need our support right now:  Fund Texas Choice. A nonprofit organization funding abortion travel for people in Texas.  Frontera Fund. Making abortion accessible for people in the Rio Grande Valley.  Clinic Access Support Network. Providing transportation, lodging, emotional support, and more to those seeking abortion care in Houston, TX. … Read more »

An Update on Email Delivery

Hi again everyone, Just an announcement that I think I’ve successfully migrated all email subscribers to a new working email service (MailChimp). I tried my best to transfer all verified subscribers to the new list — and not to transfer any unverified subscribers. Time will tell whether this blog post goes out successfully as an… Read more »

Upcoming Changes to Email Delivery

Just a note to those readers who receive my blog post via email: The service that provides this, Feedburner, is shutting down in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to be migrating my subscribers to a new service. If you get an email from me in the next couple of weeks, please pay attention,… Read more »

Online Event Tonight and Exclusive Map Giveaway

A couple time-sensitive pieces of book news for those of you not on Twitter, where, among other things, I’ve been posting my sister’s careful scrawled calculations of the vote count in Pennsylvania :o). One, Flatiron Books invite me to chat with Melissa Albert, author of the gorgeous and chilling Tales from the Hinterland, tonight (Friday)… Read more »

Arctic Prep

Today I handed in a draft of a new book to my editor. Feels good. Next thing on my agenda: Prepping for my artist residency on a tall ship in the Arctic! I leave next week. Here’s the situation: No problem, right? I’ll pack this weekend and have a few days next week for the… Read more »

What about you, do you get a seasonal haircut?

Hi, I’m Violet. My summer look is extreme… and extremely dazzling. Guys, help! I’m being nuzzled by a lion! It can get quite boring to be this beautiful. Hey, what about me? I’m cute.Why does everyonealway make such a fuss about Violet? What about me? Oh, I’m sorry, were you trying to read this menu?… Read more »

I like today’s A Softer World a whole lot.

See for yourself: A Softer World: 921 In other news, it is COLD in Boston right now, and so dry that I feel like I could start a fire by rubbing my fingers together. Tea, flannel, arm warmers and writing. Stay warm, everyone.