Good morning from a rainstorm

Hi, friends. I’m writing to you from a dramatic and cozy rainstorm. The acoustics are mesmerizing. It’s been too long since I’ve blogged, and it’s because blogging continues to feel like too broad a canvas as my healing crawls along. It takes a long time to recover from brain surgery. My neurosurgeon says symptom recovery… Read more »

How to Attract Teeny Tiny Birds

Twice as I sat on the edge of this balcony, a ruby-throated hummingbird appeared and inspected my feet. (Thanks for the pic, Kevin and Heather!)

Bernie and the Bird

On the chance you have not yet seen Bernie and the bird. (If you can’t see the vid, go to my Blog Actual.) Sorry again for the lack of blogging. I am trying so hard to get my next book in shape so it can get out into the world!

Hawks and Conchords

I came across this guy a couple of hours ago in the Boston Gardens, hanging out in a shrubbery. Sent a photo to my buddy Jim, who says it looks like a young red-tailed hawk. On the subway ride home, someone with a sing-songy voice was talking about sandwiches, and I figured, since the blog… Read more »

Wild Turkey Update

Just reporting in on the Cambridge news: the wild turkey that lives in my neighborhood had babies! I just saw her walking along with a little line of babies behind her. At the time, I had two sleeping (human) babies with me as well, and had to keep moving, so I wasn’t able to count… Read more »

Pressure and Thanks

I’m using one of my Swedish covers today in honor of Graceling being a best seller in Sweden :o). Thank you to my publisher Semic for making this happen! —> Today, outside my window, a woman’s voice said, “Holy shit! What is that thing?” I leaned toward the window and yelled, “It’s a turkey!” Yes,… Read more »

These Are the Creatures in Your Neighborhood

A few days ago, while walking down a nearby street, I came upon an enormous wild turkey. It was rather a surprising sight in the middle of Cambridge, Massachusetts. A confused man was taking pictures of it. We had a little chat about how confused we were about it. Later the same day, I was… Read more »


I cannot seem to wipe the smile off my face. It has been such a stressful few months. It has been a stressful eight years. And the stress is bound to continue, of course, no matter how wonderful our president-elect is. This is the world. But for today, at least, in honor of a magnificent… Read more »

The Florida Report

On Wednesday I was feeling a bit melancholy, and I’d also run out of bagels (possibly related). So I went for a walk to the bagel store, listening to sad Ani DiFranco songs on the way. When I got there, the bagel store was closed, so I walked to the grocery store, where the bagels… Read more »