In Which I Do Something Extraordinary

While Kevin was off hiking on his own… I treated myself to something special. I boarded a little red plane… And we flew to Denali. Click on any picture to embiggen. The peak on the left is Denali. That’s a glacier flowing through the center of the picture. We flew all the way around Denali…. Read more »


Sleep-deprived, I got to the tiny Bromma airport at 7 this morning (a little Stockholm airport for short-distance flights), then learned my flight was delayed 2 hours. Two hours I could have been sleeping, if only there were prescient people who could warn us when a plane is about to go on the fritz. Such… Read more »

A Flying Post

At midnight ET, when this post is set to publish, I will (presumably) be in the sky, flying to France. You know what was invented in France? The flying trapeze! Obviously, this calls for a trapezey post. Warning! To those afraid of heights: this is a trapezey post! (Hello. Those of you who’ve been reading… Read more »

A Bucket, a Bucket, My Kingdom for a Bucket

(Recently overheard in my household, pronounced by a person who had lost the bucket) If I could only bottle the way I feel when I’m driving to the airport at 4am, I would never be afraid of anything. The day before I travel tends to be a misery. I read The House at Pooh Corner… Read more »

The Florida Report

On Wednesday I was feeling a bit melancholy, and I’d also run out of bagels (possibly related). So I went for a walk to the bagel store, listening to sad Ani DiFranco songs on the way. When I got there, the bagel store was closed, so I walked to the grocery store, where the bagels… Read more »