Stockholm Public Library

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t even been in Stockholm for two whole days and am already posting more pictures of the city than I did on my entire domestic tour combined, it has to do with time, space, opportunity, and breathing room. On my domestic tour, the pace was hard-core, I was leaving for a new destination almost every day, and I spent every free moment resting. There was only one city where I had true hanging out time. If you remember my photos from then, you can guess which city it was: Seattle. That’s just the way domestic tours are; it’s the nature of the beast. In contrast, no one is going to expect you to come to Sweden for one day. Overseas, and when you’re crossing a lot of international borders, the pace just naturally slows down a bit. Also, it’s an opportunity to spend time with the people at your publisher, hang out with them, eat with them, get to know them, get to know a little about their country, so these things are built into your schedule. That’s a very different objective from a domestic tour!

Today, between interviews, Matilda, my lovely PR representative at Semic, walked around with me and took me into the Stockholm Public Library. There’s this very pretty round room that’s hard to photograph – big, round things are hard to photograph! – but I did my best. (That’s Matilda in the last picture. ^_^)

Tomorrow I fly early to Kristianstad.