Bicicletas and Biciclette

 bicycles parked on an Amsterdam street One night in Copenhagen, I was waiting for the hotel elevator, when two Danish men about my age stepped out of their room. One of them belched loudly as he stepped into the corridor — then saw me, and was embarrassed. They both started chuckling, and speaking to me,… Read more »

Dome Fatigue Is Real

All photos are of ceilings unless otherwise indicated. All are from Rome.  All were taken on my phone, which is an iPhone 4S. And last time I checked, Blogger was crap at jump cuts, but this post has 30+ pictures, so I can’t not.  After the second picture, click on the link that says “Read… Read more »

Some Photos from Rome and Orvieto

It’s 6 PM in Rome and bells are ringing all around me. I’m posting this on my phone (with the help of dear Siri), with pics also taken on my phone,  so we’ll see how it works… Here’s looking up at the (hole in the) ceiling of Rome’s Pantheon. The Pantheon has an interesting history… Read more »