An Introvert Forced to Emulate an Extrovert

Charlie Stross on a book tour reality TV idea.

Though just to be clear, my European tour is NOT like what he describes. See my earlier post about the difference between a domestic and an international tour for an American author, at least in my experience. The two are very different; he is describing what sounds to me like a domestic tour in the USA, a signing tour. (I understand Charlie Stross is English and lives in Scotland, so I’m not actually sure what type of tour he’s talking about, or if his experiences line up with mine location-wise. Am I confusing everyone?)

Also — just in case I created the impression with yesterday’s posts that we’re not doing any work here in Spain — yesterday was unusual. We had a light day, then some cancellations. Today we’re making up for it!

Thanks, JD, for the link 🙂