Hello from Paris! A new day, a new language.

So, it’s essentially impossible to capture Madrid on film — the noise, the sun, the traffic, the people, the scale of the buildings — unless maybe you have an IMAX camera, which I didn’t. I stopped trying after a while, so what I’m showing here barely does this beautiful city justice.  I found I did best if I focused on little things OR if I was up really high.

The screens are to create shade. The sun is strong!

Book market

Madrid rooftops

There is a room reflected in this lightbulb;
Patricia and I spent a lot of time in that room, because
that is where my interviews took place.
Eventually I could no longer resist the urge to
take a photo of us in the reflective lightbulb.
(Click to enbiggen.)

Pretty graffiti 
In the Mercado de San Miguel

The most organized cherries in the world

The Gran Via from above

As the sun sets, the mountains are visible in the distance. 

Many, many Madrid buildings are ornately decorated
like this one. 

Patricia and I at our Casa del Libro event. (Thanks, Jorge)

Signing books