Waiting to Be Rescued by My Bunter in Shining Bowler Hat

I’m going to be away from home for 31 of the next 40 days, which is always lovely once I’m on the road but COMPLETELY BONKERS before I go… especially this time, because I need to bring so much stuff and so many books. I mentioned my e-book reader in a previous post… I much prefer reading physical books — there’s no contest — I should write a post sometime about all the things I find frustrating about e-books — but I do have an e-book reader, pretty much solely for travel, and I can’t overstate how much easier it makes life. I’m in research mode for the next three weeks and will probably be reading as many as 15 to 20 books, not to mention a few manuscripts, and all of it weighs less than a pound and takes up practically no space at all, since it’s on the e-book reader. As it is, I’m still going to be lugging a lot of books and paper, but at least I won’t be a walking bookcase.

Anyway, as I write this, I’m in travel prep mode, so I’m not at my best. I just want to take a nap, not spend every waking moment being organized about getting tasks done. Also, I have strong words for whoever invented 7 AM flights. HELP HELP 

Once Upon a Time (um, vague spoilers ahead?) may have done something unforgivable; they may have lost me; yes, a mere seven episodes into the show, I may have to stop watching, UNLESS THEY DO SOMETHING EXCEEDINGLY SPECTACULAR TO MAKE UP FOR GOUGING OUT MY HEART WITH EPISODE 7. If they’re going to make me that sad and OUTRAGED, then they also need to make me that fascinated and delighted. IMMEDIATELY. Or it’s all over. Here’s a suggestion: UNDO WHAT THEY DID.


There is probably other news, but I’m working with about a 10-second memory span at the moment and can’t remember it. If I have bloggy time and things to blog while I’m traveling, I will. I need some tea. Where is my tea? Oh, wait, I remember: I wanted to link you all to Tui’s fabulous holiday book-buying post in which she tells you what book to buy for whom on your list! She also mentions some favorite charitable organizations, and I’d like to share my own at some point, too, maybe while I’m traveling.

Why hasn’t Bunter brought me my tea?

It always strikes me as funny that the time of year which involves quiet contemplation and reflection for me (New Year’s) is always preceded by the time of the year involving the most frenzy (December). I used to hate it. Now I kind of feel like the process of fighting for calmness and centeredness in the middle of frenzy is an important step.

I guess I’d better go get that tea by myself, and pack, and make arrangements, seeing as I’m not an English lord in the 1930s and Bunter does not seem to be materializing…