December Rundown

A Text Message from My Sister, Secret Codename: CordeliaI’ve decided we should make gingerbread people with the girls while ur here. We’ll put down a tarp. An Email from My Sister, Secret Codename: Apocalyptica the FlimflammerFor Christmas I am making Mom and Dad a present that involves seashells. Yesterday I went for a very long… Read more »

A FAQ; A Holiday Question; Stuff; In Addition to Which: Things

The extremely silly gentleman to the right (click to make him bigger. Really. You want to see him bigger) is my friend and fellow writer Will Ludwigsen, who was flabbergasted to find Graceling in the dumps at his local Barnes & Noble. Check out his strange, sad, and lovely story “Remembrance is Something Like a… Read more »

A Few of My Favorite Things (In No Particular Order)

Over-the-knee socks. This comment from Cordelia after she saw the stuffed chicken Mom was roasting for Christmas: “Yeah, I hope that when I die, someone sticks an onion up my ass.” Three-year-old cousins-once-removed who want to sit in your lap. Soft, silky cats who let you rub their ginger-brown tummies. This sign, spotted at a… Read more »