Guess Where I Just Was

There were over 245,000 people at this place on the day we were there. Kevin was more calm about this fact than I was. You could probably take out your globe and figure it out from this picture. If you really wanted to :o). Two dollars for all-you-can-drink milk. (Yuck!) Fried pickles. (Fried everything else,… Read more »

Guess Where We Are

We started up a fairly steep, winding dirt path, wanting to see if it led to a beautiful and isolated spot where we might make camp for the night. After a while, we realized that given the steepness of the terrain, we should really go back down to the car and get our gear. Why… Read more »

Guess Where I Am (Round Two!)

I’m no longer in Rwanda. Can you guess where I am? In my new location, it would be offensive to take recognizable pictures of people, which means it’s also hard to take pictures of, well, anything, except in more isolated areas. So, before I get to the pictures, I’ll start by saying that I might… Read more »

Guess Where I Am

The view outside the plane window on the way to this destination… …was variations on this theme… …for about six hours. The capital city is hilly… hot and hazy… with many bright flowers. It’s mountainous here. Cows in a truck. Rolling hills and a beautiful sun and geckos. Maybe it’s time for some direct clues…. Read more »

Guess Where I Am?

Actually, I got back last week, but I still want to play the game. Here are a few pictures to transport you to where I was…  The trees are out of this world.  Stuff grows everywhere, it can’t help itself.  If you leave your car sitting overnight, it grows fungus.  Or turns into a pig!… Read more »

Guess Where I Actually Am

Weights in a window.  Butterflies in a room.  An interesting collection waiting by the side of the road. (See the horse in the middle?)  Someone keeps their hat on their stoop.  Time to walk many dogs.  Getting somewhere… underground.  Look closely for clues…  Some clues are at your feet.  Some are backwards  and some are… Read more »

Today I Ate Honey-Mustard Skyr

(Instead of tartar sauce with my fish and chips.) Here’s just a tiny fraction of the pictures I want to show you (because otherwise, I’ll spend the whole night blogging):  A view of downtown Reykjavík from the tower of Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland’s tallest building. Another.  With houses that look like these…  and these…  and these…  and… Read more »

Where am I now?

I got in very late last night and couldn’t see much, other than a gorgeous half-moon. Here were the views from my room when I woke up: Ha!  Just kidding. Rebecca Stead texted me that picture from BBC Birmingham because she knew how much I would love it. (It’s a dalek — a Doctor Who… Read more »

Can You Guess Where I Am?

Here are some clues. It’s a place with the right priorities. One of my personal priorities is not getting run over. It’s got this goose. (I don’t actually expect this to help you, I just think it’s cute.) This will be conclusive for some of you(though still unspecific). Maybe the symbol on the white chocolate… Read more »