Fall in Mount Auburn Cemetery

Leaf season is late this year in eastern Massachusetts. We’ve been paying attention, waiting for a sunny day to visit Mount Auburn Cemetery :o). Here are some photos, especially for those of you who don’t get to enjoy a leaf season. Kevin took this one with Fancy Camera. That’s me. I took the rest with… Read more »

Fall in Mount Auburn Cemetery

The next thing I do on this blog will be my post about superhero girls and women, so help me God.  I just looked it up and I’ve been promising to do that since July! Eeek! But for now, here’s a little bit of autumn in New England for those of you who don’t get… Read more »

Sunday Morning Randutiae

Some randutiae is more random than others, and the more recently I’ve come home from a big trip, the more random it’s likely to be :). My attentions and passions are spinning around in all different directions as I settle back into life at home. It’s recently come to my attention that the default on… Read more »


This… is the southern tip of Greenland. Wow. And this… and this… and especially this… is how I know I’m home. 🙂

Fall Along the Northeast Corridor

Fall in Boston (Cambridge in the foreground)… fall in New York (Washington Square Park)… and fall at a train station in between. (Whereas once I would’ve said that these photos were taken thanks to my iPhone 4s, since the most recent iOS update, the best I can say is that they were taken despite my… Read more »

New England October Rain

  I liked this lady who was biking through the rain with at least a dozen soccer balls. (Taken from the bus.)  These people have installed new outdoor carpeting.  New England in October… Happy sigh.