A Musical Quiz for You

Recently, I organized some tickets for an upcoming concert. A friend sent a check in the mail to pay for her ticket. Above is her accompanying note. Can you guess what we’re going to see/hear? Now I’ll talk about something else for a minute so there’s some space between the question and the answer. Um…. Read more »

“It was my candle to St. Jude”

Announcement: I ♥ librarians. Why? Because librarians love information, know how to find it, know how to use it, and know how to help other people find and use it; and because librarians love, care for, and offer us BOOKS. And school librarians, in particular, share their awesomeness with young people without condescension. Thanks so… Read more »

Spike versus Beethoven: a Poll

This is a long post. Don’t feel pressure to read everything. But at the very least, I encourage you to listen, watch, and vote! My FAQ post the other day lent itself to some Buffy discussion in the comments — Spike quote-sharing, favorite and least favorite characters, etc. — if you’ve seen Buffy, feel free… Read more »