What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I know I have a book coming out on September 19 (which you can pre-order at Powell’s,  Amazon, B&N, or your local independent bookstore, *cough*), and that’s supposed to be the only thing I’m thinking about. But the truth is that I’m mostly thinking about another book: the one I’ve written 330 pages of so… Read more »

An event, and an office!

Two important things. First, I am the absolute worst for taking so long to announce this, but I’m doing a panel this coming Thursday, February 23, with my dear friend and the author of the Wings of Fire dragon books, Tui Sutherland! It’s called A Midwinter Night’s Fantasy Panel. The Horn Book Magazine‘s Martha Parravano… Read more »

In My Office, It’s Warm

I have leaves, butterflies, and cups of tea. The turtle, the ladybug, and the owl are lined up at the starting line, backed up by a quorum of German angels and one curious polar bear. This is my magic wand. This is where I’m growing my ideas. These ships are sailing straight toward a tall… Read more »