Thursday Randutiae

Okay, I should never have said that thing about how the next thing I blog is going to be the girl superhero post. All it’s doing is preventing me from blogging anything at all. When in fact, I have some mighty complaints, like, for example, why in the name of all that is reasonable is… Read more »

Bring Him Home

Les Miserables opened in Boston on Tuesday night, and I was there. Holy cow. I knew I’d like it a lot, because, well, it’s Les Mis; but I hadn’t done my homework beforehand, and was therefore completely unprepared for this stellar, stunning cast. This production didn’t start on Broadway; the tour is its only USA… Read more »

Pieces of Memory. Plus, the World’s Longest Version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”

It’s moving season here in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today I watched neighbors lower furniture through the window of a third story apartment using a rope and pulley. This reminded me of seeing all the pulley hooks at the top of houses in Amsterdam when I was on tour last spring. Apparently, Amsterdam stairways are narrow! Of… Read more »

There’s Nothing We Can’t Face (Except for Bunnies)

Thursday randutiae! First, the cover of Fire, French adult edition (published by Orbit France). ——–> Second, a new addition to the Gallery of My Favorite Objects. Here’s a bunny I faced the other day: And here’s his antelope (?) and canine (?) friends. I faced them, too. These fingers puppets were made by Donna Marbet,… Read more »

When the Aliens Look Down on Us, What Must They Think?

Before I get to the alien question (and the dominoes) — Cindy Pon, accomplished fantasy author and artist, just interviewed me for The Enchanted Inkpot. She does not pull punches with her questions; the interview is here. ******And now: The first piece of awesome, via my sister, codename: Apocalyptica the Flimflammer… I never thought I… Read more »

“Have we met?”

Here’s a moment from the first time Buffy’s mother, Joyce, officially meets Buffy’s vampire nemesis, Spike: Joyce [pleasantly]: Have we met?Spike: Um, you hit me with an axe one time.[Joyce looks confused]Spike: Remember? [helpfully brandishes imaginary axe] “Get the hell away from my daughter! Rawr!!!” So, now and then I like to ask my readers… Read more »