Resurrecting My Birthday Poll

It’s birthday month on the blog! I’m sending birthday wishes all over the place and keeping some for myself. Happy birthday, Leos! Please vote in my important birthday poll, everyone! What would make the best birthday present?As always, if you can’t see the poll, go to my Blog Actual.

Chime, Outnumbered and Stuff

Kangaroo summoning and socks seem to be going head to head as the best birthday presents in my birthday poll. As I recall, that was the case last time, as well. (I actually voted for the least popular item, the foot-fungus-ridden seven league boots. Because being able to travel seven leagues in one step feels… Read more »

Birthday Month on the Blog

August is Extreme Birthday Month here on the blog. This month, I turn 35, my father turns a particularly distinguished age, and the babies, if you can believe it, turn TWO — and that’s not even taking into consideration all the friends with birthdays now-ish. I’m sending happy birthday wishes to Switzerland and France this… Read more »

“It was my candle to St. Jude”

Announcement: I ♥ librarians. Why? Because librarians love information, know how to find it, know how to use it, and know how to help other people find and use it; and because librarians love, care for, and offer us BOOKS. And school librarians, in particular, share their awesomeness with young people without condescension. Thanks so… Read more »

Spike versus Beethoven: a Poll

This is a long post. Don’t feel pressure to read everything. But at the very least, I encourage you to listen, watch, and vote! My FAQ post the other day lent itself to some Buffy discussion in the comments — Spike quote-sharing, favorite and least favorite characters, etc. — if you’ve seen Buffy, feel free… Read more »

A Poll About True Love. (And Slow Lorises ^_^)

Everyone, please feel free to vote in today’s important poll of importance! (If you’re reading this post somewhere other than my Blog Actual and cannot see the poll, please click here.) With whom would you prefer to be stranded on a desert island?(trends) Never seen a slow loris being tickled? Well, here you go: Happy… Read more »

A Birthday Poll

It’s my birthday week! If you were around for my last birthday, you may recognize this poll, so forgive me for the repeat. I have a lot more readers now than I did then, and how could I waste an excellent birthday poll? Please vote; and if you’re someplace other than my site and can’t… Read more »

A Snood FAQ and a Pride and Prejudice Poll

I bet I’m the only YA writer who gets asked frequently, “What’s the story behind your snood fixation?” Well, dear reader, I’ll tell you, and by the time I’m done telling you, you’re going to wish you never asked. It all started last August. I was preparing for a School Library Journal photo shoot in… Read more »

Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses (But Moses Supposes Erroneously)

So, my sister (secret code name: Cordelia) and I have a lot of deep and meaningful discussions. Often, we find ourselves on the same side of the argument. For example, we’ve decided that given the choice of living with a whiner, a wino, or a rhino, we would both choose the rhino. And, the other… Read more »