♥♥♥s to Sydney

Can your local performance arts center put together a promotional video like this one? Email users, if you can’t see it, go to my Blog Actual. It’s called The Ship Song Project. The original song is by Australian Nick Cave. It’s performed by Neil Finn, Kev Carmody and The Australian Ballet, Sarah Blasko, John Bell,… Read more »

Your Sun Is Lighting My Moon

So, years ago, when I started an email correspondence with my lovely Australian publicist, we discovered that not only had he and I both studied at Sydney Uni at the same time, in the same program, possibly even taking the same lectures — but I’d worked at the pub where he’d gone to drink beer!… Read more »

This Post Comes to You Courtesy of My Jet Lag

A play in one act. BODY, having finally consented to fall asleep at 2am Boston time, wakes up at 4am Boston time, completely alert. This is quite rational, because while BRAIN knows that sleep took place from 2am to 4am, BODY, on Sydney/Melbourne time, believes that sleep took place from 4pm to 6pm. BODY believes… Read more »

Australia Stuff and Things; and a Rainy Day

It was raining like crazy today in Cambridge. Rain dripping from all the flowering trees. A perfect day to walk to my friend Titus’s house and just hang. Titus can’t open the door by himself, but luckily, his butler was there to let me in. Titus is a problem solver (you can probably tell that… Read more »

Friday Randutiae

It has been brought to my attention that I’m working too much. Thank goodness for the people in my life who point out to me, now and then, that I have the tendency to work too much. This blog is not work. It’s fun, it clears out my head. So… here comes some randutiae! I… Read more »

Cybils, Segueing to Australia, la la la

Graceling is a finalist for the Cybils, the children’s and YA bloggers’ literary awards, in the Fantasy/SF category ^_^. Check out all the categories and all the finalists here. I haven’t read most of the other finalists (yet!!), but those I have read happen to be among my favorite reads of the year, and I… Read more »