Spring Report from Cambridge

In my house, it’s still cold. The heat is on. I’m knitting blanket squares. Yes, that’s a dalek. (Here’s the washcloth version. You can knit one, too. The pattern is by Penwiper and you can find it here.) Spring tulips shivering on my messy desk. The trees are starting to flower but I was wearing… Read more »

In My Office, It’s Warm

I have leaves, butterflies, and cups of tea. The turtle, the ladybug, and the owl are lined up at the starting line, backed up by a quorum of German angels and one curious polar bear. This is my magic wand. This is where I’m growing my ideas. These ships are sailing straight toward a tall… Read more »

New Year’s Dreaming

Bulgarian cover for Fire! Published by Emas, designed by Zlatina Zareva. Click to enbiggen! ——> ****** My dear nieces (accidentally and with great affection) gave me a Christmas present of a terrible cold in which my head was like a TARDIS of snot, so I’ve fallen behind in some things, including blogging. (The TARDIS, for… Read more »

In London

Rebecca and I in Green Park shortly after (accidentally) becoming engulfedin the madhouse that is the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Rebecca Stead and I both have terrible senses of direction (as I wrote about once in a previous post – one of my favorite posts, actually). And when we get together, our… Read more »

For Writers: A Quick Tip on Starting

When writing, there’s a danger in depending too much on preparation. Yes, preparation is important, but you’re not going to figure everything out about a writing project before you start it. Part of the point is that you figure it out while doing it. You’re planning a book, and you can’t figure out the solution… Read more »