Another Paris Picture Roundup

If you’re a gargoyle, Sacre Coeur is probably a nice thing to be a gargoyle on, and Montmartre a nice part of Paris to look out over…  Outside the Musée Rodin, people stick their entrance stickers onto poles – a spontaneous public arts project 🙂  On one of the footbridges over the Seine – I think it’s… Read more »

For Writers: A Quick Tip on Starting

When writing, there’s a danger in depending too much on preparation. Yes, preparation is important, but you’re not going to figure everything out about a writing project before you start it. Part of the point is that you figure it out while doing it. You’re planning a book, and you can’t figure out the solution… Read more »

How does a book become a bestseller in Germany?

A lot of hard work by a lot of smart people whose job is to find ways to get you to pay attention to the book in question. LA LA LA hmmmm I wonder what’s in this box? Pens? Pencils? A tiny bow and arrow? A flaming red wig? Or how about… Chocolates! Specifically, FLAMING… Read more »