Twins in the House

Lack of blogging is due to the presence of toddler twins in the house.

This morning, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so everything was a little fuzzy at the edges. I thought I saw codename: Isis, two years old, down the hall. Someone I was pretty sure was codename: Phoenix, also two years old, came marching up to me. (These girls are identical, but the more time you spend with them, the more they just look like themselves. Which isn’t to say I don’t make mistakes all the time.)

“Hi Phoenix!” I said.

“That’s Phoenix!” she said, pointing down the hall to Isis. For a minute, I was EXTREMELY confused. Then she started giggling. It was just a game; she really was Phoenix; I was right all along.

On the day these girls realize fully the power they possess, we’re all in trouble. :o)