Tu Publishing; Stuff and Things; and, Our Books Are Watching Us Jealously

Via Deborah: Stacy Whitman, freelance editor and Simmons Center for the Study of Children’s Literature grad, is trying to start a new publishing company. Tu Publishing will be “a small, independent multicultural SFF press for children and YA.” A small press devoted to multicultural fantasy/SF — good idea! But — it will only get off the ground if it gets enough funding. Care to help? There are benefits to pledging, and you’ll only pay your pledge amount if the project actually launches. Go here for more info. You can give as little as $5, and you can do it using your Amazon account, if you have one. If Tu Publishing can raise $10,000 by December 14th, they’ll start accepting manuscripts in January.

I know that some of you will have fun trying to recognizing books without their dust jackets on the blog of Sarah Miller, author of the marvelous Miss Spitfire. (Who knew so many books had such cool undercover decorations?)

To those who’ve been wondering: the Kindle edition of Fire is now available.

Over the weekend, I found myself having a small freakout about my To Be Read pile. (Well, it used to be a pile; recently it’s evolved into a series of shelves.) At first I thought it must be because the pile was full of books that I didn’t actually want to read, pressuring me. “Read me, read me, even though I suck!” But then I went through all the books and realized that that wasn’t it; they’re all books I’m excited about; the problem is, very simply, volume. I counted them: 96. Now, everyone has different TBR methods, so I’m sure that’s a perfectly normal number of unread books for some people to have sitting on their shelves, watching jealously with beady book-eyes as their humans wander around doing non-reading things like watch TV or water the plants… but for me, that’s a LOT of unread books. These days, if I read one book a week, I’m doing fabulously well, and — 96 books! HELP! That’s enough books to last me until I’m 35!


Hang on.

Guys? Suddenly I find myself seeing this from a different angle.

I have enough books to last me until I’m 35!

*is happy*


To those embarking on National Novel Writing Month: Godspeed. Breathe. And DON’T FREAK OUT!