Stranded on a Desert Island: a Poll

Quick news: Graceling has a Korean publisher, Moonhak Soochup. Also, Hörbuch Hamburg will be producing a German audio version, to be released in Fall 2009, which is, I believe, also when the German print version will be released. yAt!

Also: I’ve been getting some questions about ARCs for Fire. No, the Fire ARCs are not out yet. What’s out now are reduced bound manuscripts in a very limited circulation. (I don’t even have one.) I believe the ARCs will be distributed in March or April. (To explain what I’m talking about to anyone not familiar with the lingo: ARCs — advanced reading copies — are produced in a limited quantity by publishers as part of their marketing plans. They’re meant to generate buzz and sales, and they’re distributed by the publishers, usually at conferences such as BEA and ALA as well as to review magazines.)

Also, since so many people were raving about the Megan Whalen Turner books in my recent book meme post, I wanted to report back that I read The Thief and LOVED it. I’ve now ordered it and the next two books. WHY HAVEN’T THEY ARRIVED YET WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG WHAT WILL I DO IN THE MEANTIME.

And now, I have a burning question. Please express your opinion by casting a vote! (If you’re reading this post somewhere other than on my actual site and want to vote in this extremely relevant poll, please click here.)