Randutiae for a Busy Week

  • I’m still having a funny stretch of dreams. The other night, after yet another trapeze class, I dreamed about a guy who was taking trapeze lessons. His name was Ted Zeppelin. The soundtrack of the dream was Pink Floyd, though, so there might be some band confusion in my brain somewhere.
  • A quote from Mark Twain (thanks, Jen ^_^): “The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as that between lightning and the lightning bug.”
  • If you are a smooth criminal, watch out for these guys. (Opens to a music video. There are cellos.) (Also, I hope they keep extra bows on hand. !!)
  • If you like cellos and Metallica and wonder where my sister, secret codename: Apocalyptica, got her codename from, watch out for these guys. (Another music video.) (Also, I’m guessing that even people who *don’t* like Metallica [like my Dad] would like that.) (Also, I’m pleased to see that they dress warmly when appropriate. It is Finland, after all.) (Y’all know how much I love Finland, right?)
  • My dad once sent me and codename: Cordelia a postcard from Finland that had a picture of the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi on the front. In it, he claimed to be well on the way to starting a new career in rock. If you knew Lordi and if you knew my Dad (whose career, for his entire professional life, was as a professor of religion), you would appreciate how funny this is. As a visual aid, here’s Lordi:
Here’s my Dad: