A Snood FAQ and a Pride and Prejudice Poll

I bet I’m the only YA writer who gets asked frequently, “What’s the story behind your snood fixation?”

Well, dear reader, I’ll tell you, and by the time I’m done telling you, you’re going to wish you never asked.
It all started last August. I was preparing for a School Library Journal photo shoot in which I was to wear medieval garb and wield a sword. I picked out the perfect snood for the occasion. I was so excited about the snood. It was the B.E.S.T. thing I’d ever purchased. But when I tried everything on for my sister, secret code name: Cordelia, SHE TOLD ME THE SNOOD LOOKED STUPID!
As you can imagine, I was devastated. Naturally, I took the story straight to my publicists, Sarah and Barb, because I knew they would understand and shower me with sympathy — which they did, and more! They embraced the entire snood moment and came up with a new battle cry: SNOOD, BE DAMNED! (Highly satisfying when bellowed.) Over the weeks, the battle cry evolved, until we were also bellowing, OUT, DAMN SNOOD! and, WHAT THE SNOOD?! (As in, “WHAT THE SNOOD IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO DON’T USE THEIR TURN SIGNALS?”)
Inevitably, at some point, Barb, Sarah, and I became the Ladies of the Snood. We gave each other secret snood codenames, we embraced our snood identities, we devoted ourselves to snood worship, and since then, life has been completely snoody.
Does that answer your question?
The photos from the tragically snoodless photo shoot, btw, are here.
Switching gears here for a very important poll. Have you read much Jane Austen? Do you get the impression, as I do, that she must have had to bear the company of a lot of unbearable people in her life? I mean, I LOVE her heroes and heroines, but can we just pause a moment to applaud what a master she is at creating annoying people, too? In Persuasion, could anyone be more annoying than Anne’s whiney sister Mary? In Northanger Abbey, I positively want to shove John Thorpe out of the carriage and watch the horses trample him. Ugh. Least favorite Jane Austen male ever. In Mansfield Park… well, a lot of people are annoying, including, arguably, Fanny… but Mrs. Norris really takes the cake. In Sense and Sensibility, I guess the prize goes to Lucy Steele, though, of course, Willoughby is no peach — but at least he’s not annoying. Emma. I know some people find Emma herself annoying, but I actually like Emma. The Eltons are annoying!
Finally, there’s Pride and Prejudice. Oh, my goodness! The annoying people in P&P are so supremely annoying that they deserve a poll! Please vote! (If you’re reading this post somewhere other than my actual site and don’t see the full poll below, please click here.)