“What are your names, please?” asked Wilbur, trembling with joy.

“I’ll tell you my name,” replied the first little spider, “if you’ll tell me why you are trembling.”

“I’m trembling with joy,” said Wilbur.

“Then my name is Joy,” said the first spider.

-from Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White

Today’s post is about my readers. That means you! I would love to know who you are, where you are, where you’d rather be, what you like, what you don’t like, or anything else you want to tell me — especially if you’ve never commented before! No worries if you’ve never read my books. Use your real name or a secret code name, whatever you like. No pressure, of course — no one has to respond. But please do feel free to say hi today. (Even if you’ve done so before!)

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Okay, let’s get started! I’ll go first. I’m Kristin. I’m a writer living in North Florida. I love to put dried cherries, almonds, honey, and soy milk in my oatmeal. I think leaf blowers are a terrible invention. And I think Charlotte’s Web is the most perfect book ever written.

Now you go!