Sunday Randutiae on the Fly

Just taking a few minutes to say a few things on this busy Sunday…

  • My dear friend Amanda MacGregor has a new website called Cite Something! where she’s providing research and writing advice to high school and college students. Plus, she has a sense of humor. Go check it out, look around a bit if you’re interested. Amanda and I were grad students together at Simmons College’s Center for the Study of Children’s Literature and I am deelighted by her new project!
  • In case you live in Cambridge and love cookies, you should know that the workers at Insomnia Cookies are currently on strike. They are fighting for a living wage, healthcare, enforced breaks, and the right to be in a union. I’m very grateful to the friend who told me this (thanks, B!), because otherwise I might have accidentally crossed the picket line for a cookie! Now I’m telling you, so you can avoid the same error. Support the strikers! Reject the cookies! 
  • The news about Jane Austen on England’s 10-pound note worked its way through my convoluted brain and led me to the earnest wish that the funny bird from Edward Gorey’s The Epiplectic Bicycle were on our 20-dollar bill instead of Andrew Jackson. If it were, I would love my money and I would probably spend more of it. It would be good for the economy. Plus, the bird is giving good advice to consumers.