It’s Hard to Leave Texas (At Least, in This Dimension)

I mean that in the physical sense. Last time I was trying to leave Texas, I sprained my ankle. This time I’m trying to leave Texas and this mega-storm has pretty much canceled every flight to the East Coast until at least Tuesday.

I’m actually rather cheerful about it. I’m fortunate in that my only plans were to go home, then be at home, writing, having my normal life. Of course I have sympathy for everyone for whom this creates serious problems – it totally sucks (and seriously, why are flights canceled today to places where landfall isn’t expected until tomorrow?). But I feel like I’ve been given this little gift of time, in a sunny place, with other stranded friends on hand, on some sort of plane (not the flying kind) outside my regular life.

One small thing was worrying me – I didn’t bring my calendar to Austin, and without my calendar in front of me, I can never remember my plans or my to-do list. But my dear darling friend B just went to my house, unearthed my calendar, and read me my entire week, so now I can relax and stop worrying I’m forgetting to do something. I must say I’ve never realized how my calendar might seem to other people. Just one example of several: “On Monday,” she said to me, “you’ve written ‘interdimensional hitchhiking’.” Oh, right. I would hate to have to postpone that; thank goodness I can hitchhike interdimensionally from Austin just as easily as I can from Boston.

(It was a writing note/reminder ^_^)