Austin Ceilings and Floors

As a writer, I’m a trained expert at anticipating what readers desire. This is how I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting for me to post pictures from the dome in the Texas Capitol building rotunda.     Also, the ceilings at the Driskill Hotel.    

Notes from Austin

I’m highly suspicious of the JetBlue flight status page that tells me I’m going to be flying to Boston tomorrow evening. In the meantime, some notes from Austin. I was intrigued by this enormous and peculiar magnifying glass in the author reception area of the Texas Capitol building. So I took an experimental picture of… Read more »

It’s Hard to Leave Texas (At Least, in This Dimension)

I mean that in the physical sense. Last time I was trying to leave Texas, I sprained my ankle. This time I’m trying to leave Texas and this mega-storm has pretty much canceled every flight to the East Coast until at least Tuesday. I’m actually rather cheerful about it. I’m fortunate in that my only… Read more »

Dear Teen Me Panel update

A quick note to any readers who were hoping to see me or get books signed by me at the Dear Teen Me panel this evening: a conflict has come up and I’m no longer going to be able to join the panel. (The panel will go on; go see all the other great authors!)… Read more »

Pretty Drinks in Austin

David Levithan, Margo Rabb, Rebecca Stead, and me. Cucumber martini, Lobo Texas lager, pomegranate margarita, and straight vodka. I’ll leave it to you to guess who drank what. (And just kidding about that vodka. That’s a glass of water ^_^.) I wanted a picture of all the drinks, but David and Margo didn’t want to… Read more »