It is the use of increasingly sophisticated tools that separates man from beast.

(Demonstrated by some young goofballs who, by my best guess, are Harvard grad students.)
Hey guys, let’s dig a snowcave inside this drift! I am burrowing into this snowbank using my arms and hands and head!

You look tired. Maybe we should use this 2 x 4?

I guess so… wait, hang on! I have a better idea!

I’m back and I brought a scraper. Let’s get back to it.

Hang on, what’s that lady in the long coat carrying?

Oh my goodness! This skillet is shaped like a snow-mover!
These skillets work great. If only we had… hey, who’s that guy?

Friends, I’m here to show you how it’s done.

Make yourselves comfortable. I’ll take care of this in no time, and by sunset

no one will be able to find us.