On Writing Jane, Unlimited: Please Don’t Choose Your Own Adventure

Before I start, a couple of important things: There’s a documentary airing on Monday on PBS called Unrest, about MECFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I hope you’ll watch it and pass the word on. Official blurb: “Jennifer Brea is working on her PhD at Harvard and about to marry the love of her life when… Read more »

“Mom, It’s Time We Had the Talk”

Go listen to my friend Amanda MacGregor and her eight-year-old son Callum talk about sex on the podcast The Longest Shortest Time. It’s twenty-two minutes long and wonderful. Amanda and Callum, I salute you. In case you were wondering, at this exact moment, it’s not snowing, but it was snowing earlier and I have no… Read more »

Five Emails and Several Pictures on the Topic of SNOW

It’s becoming difficult to take pictures that convey the absurdity of the situation here in the Boston area. The pictures just don’t do it justice (and it’s hard to get a full view of anything, because backing up quickly puts you against a snowbank). It’s not unusual to walk down a badly-shoveled sidewalk with walls… Read more »

Two Upcoming Local Events

It snowed again yesterday, heavy, wet flakes this time. I walked home from a friend’s house late last night and the falling snow was sparkling; the mountains of snow lining the streets and consuming people’s yards were sparkling. This winter is like being trapped inside a snow globe. It is a little bit claustrophobic, but… Read more »

Two Songs

It started snowing Saturday morning, then snowed steadily until very early this morning (Tuesday). Add an additional two feet or so to the pictures I posted last week and you’ll get the idea. At some point, I started taking little videos of the scene on my street and sending them to my nieces in Florida…. Read more »

The Report from Eastern Massachusetts

Dear readers, Here in Cambridge, we’re having some problems. I’m sorry about this person’s bike. I’m sorry about this person’s… car? (Though at least they have a parking spot.) It says “MOST BURRIED.” Too much snow affects people’s spelling. The mailman looks like the Grim Reaper. The fire hydrants are shivering. Some person has lost… Read more »

Novel Snowstorm

Me in an email: Guys, it is snowing like the dickens. Rebecca in response: It is snowing like the Dickens, the Austen, and the Brontë.

The drifting makes me happy. I love the sharp lines

It’s been snowing for about 25 hours. I keep thinking about Almanzo Wilder and Cap Garland and hoping they’re okay.* Here is the view from codename: Apocalyptica’s garage in Swampscott.  That’s her buddy Margaret’s car, in case you didn’t recognize it as such. There are many magical things about a storm like this (provided you… Read more »