FAQS, Finally!

My FAQ pages are up. Click on the “Frequently Asked Questions” link on the left, which will bring you to my FAQ Index… or, if you’re not actually on my blog at the moment, just go here.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, there won’t be anything new, but the questions are more organized now. And if you’re new to my blog and have sent me questions, you’ll find a lot of answers there.
In honor of the occasion, I’ll answer one new question:
On your “My Books” page, you say that Katsa, Po, & Co. will appear in Bitterblue. What do you mean by “& Co.?”
*smile* Literally, it means, “and company,” but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking. What it really means is that I’m close-mouthed about works in progress — I need to be, for my own writing process — and I’m not willing to name the Graceling characters who appear in Bitterblue just yet, other than Katsa and Po. You’re not the only person who’s asked about the “& Co.” thing, though, so I’ve changed the wording over there so it’s less confusing. I also got rid of the line about how writing Bitterblue is killing me with loud death agonies, because I got an email from someone who was worried that this meant her favorite characters get killed. :o) All I meant was that I’m finding it hard to write.
Enjoy the FAQs, everyone!