Contacts, Info, and Credits

There’s a lot of information on this page, including instructions for purchasing signed copies and how to write to me. Check out the red descriptors at the beginning of each paragraph.

I am once again signing and personalizing books via my local indie, Harvard Book Store! I no longer live around the corner from the store, so I expect to sign and personalize only about every couple months or so. Please order ahead if you anticipate wanting something. Here is the link: Notice the instructions at the top: When checking out, indicate in the comments field that you would like a signed copy. Include the name of anyone to whom you’d like the book personalized as well. Depending on the state of my chronic hand problems, I’m happy to honor requests for brief messages such as wishing someone a happy birthday, good luck with their writing, etc., but please note that if you ask me to write something long or something I’m not comfortable signing my name to, I won’t honor those requests. (Yes, I’ve occasionally been asked to write some head-scratchers…) Also please note: I am unable to respond to personal requests on Twitter or elsewhere for signatures or signed copies.


My agent is the goddess Faye Bender, sine qua non, one of the founding partners of The Book Group.

Graceling was published in the US by Harcourt, now Clarion Books. All of my subsequent books have been published in the US by Penguin Young Readers. The switch is the result of an editorial move.

Regarding the timing of releases, especially of foreign translations: Every territory has a different timetable, and I don’t always have the latest information. I recommend doing some googling. Particularly if you speak the language, you’ll probably be able to find a more accurate answer than I can.

Regarding general questions, my FAQ pages will answer a lot of questions.

If you are a writer, I wish you joy and luck. There are some thoughts about writing in my FAQ pages and I blog about it sometimes. I regret, however, that I am unable to read manuscripts.

Regarding blog interviews and guest posts, I’m sorry to say I’m unable to take these on at the moment; I hope to have more time in the future when things are less nutty! (Things will be less nutty in the future, right?)

Regarding invitations, please feel free to contact my publicists at Penguin Young Readers. I regret that I do not do school visits.

If you love the true literary study of YA and middle grade novels and picture books and/or if you’re interested in writing same — by all means check out the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at Simmons College. They offer an MA in Children’s Literature and an MFA in Writing for Children. I went the MA route and can say that the program is rigorous, invigorating, and inspiring, and it changed my life in all the best ways.

The portraits on my Bio and Writing Process pages were taken by Daniel Burbach. Literally 20 years ago. Please imaginatively add some wrinkles and an aspect of wisdom. My profile picture was taken by Kevin Lin and is up to date. 🙂

If you’re wondering how to pronounce my name, go here and click on it. And then click on everyone else’s name. It’s fun!

You can send me mail at:

Kristin Cashore
Penguin Young Readers
c/o Author Mail
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

I’ll state up front that I receive a lot of mail and can’t always write back. I do not respond to school projects.

I do not have a public email address. Sorry!

And that’s all.