Check Out These Links

In Atlanta, a series of fatphobic billboard ads have been targeting kids. At her blog Dances with Fat: Health Comes in All Shapes and Sizes, Ragen Chastain is raising the money to put up “billboards and print media campaigns from a Health at Every Size® perspective to show kids of all sizes that they are valued and respected.” Click on the link to read more about it, and consider donating something. Donations as low as $5 can be processed online.

ETA: Apparently donations as small as one dollar can be processed online — just follow the appropriate link. My mistake, sorry. Hopefully you’re all paying more attention than I am.

Also, thanks to Tamora Pierce for writing the post “Shame on You, Komen Foundation!” My thoughts exactly, but expressed better and with really interesting links. It comforts me that so many people are angry about this.