Apocalyptica Face Paints

So, my sister, codename: Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, has given me permission to share some more of her face painting. Please note that she owns these pictures; feel free to link to them but please do not gank them.


Blue jay.

I asked Apocalyptica why she likes to face paint. She said a lot of interesting things in response, and I thought the following bit might resonate with the writers in my audience:

“…And I do it because it’s such a challenge to take an image in my head and put it on a body, because there’s all this stuff in the way…eyebrows and noses and a mouth, and the surface curves and won’t cooperate…usually I start out with a certain inspiration and then I actually start to work with the body and it completely commandeers my process. Like that caribou I painted was supposed to be a scrabble board, but my leg objected. And the fruit bat was originally going to be a floral pattern based on a piece of fabric I bought. So I like being limited by the odd surfaces a body provides, because it produces surprises and there’s a built-in respect for the body as the boss of the mind instead of the other way around. But it’s also extremely frustrating. I am sometimes quite happy with my final product, but the first half of the process is normally awful and I feel like I will never make it work and I should just give up and take a shower.”

(The caribou.)

(The fruit bat.)

Also, a passenger pigeon. And for the grand finale….

Here’s a picture of an actual
Malayan snail-eating turtle…

and here’s Apocalyptica.

Thanks, sis, for sharing your pictures and your process :o).