And for Thursday, Three (Random) Super Things

Thing number one: The ALA is introducing a new award this year, the William C. Morris Award, which honors a book for young adults written by a first-time author. Graceling is a finalist! Go here to see all the lovely books. Thank you, Morris committee! I’m so happy and grateful.

Thing number two: My friend Rebecca guest-posted at The Rotund the other day. It’s a super post about the intersection between fatness, HAES, and disability, and you can read it here. For those unfamiliar with the term HAES, it means Health at Every Size, and is a movement — a peace movement, as Linda Bacon says — that has to do with honoring your body, listening to its wants and needs, dropping the focus on dieting and weight loss, and accepting that everyone has a unique healthy size. If HAES interests you, btw, in addition to visiting Linda Bacon’s site you might want to check out her book, which I hear is wonderful. And for even more about HAES, check out Body Positive’s HAES site. (Thanks to B for your help with all those links!)
Thing number three: I just bought a slow cooker, and people, my slow cooker is revolutionizing my life. Last week I cooked a chicken with sauerkraut, apples, and onions. This week I cooked teriyaki ginger tofu. Who knows what I’ll cook next week? I love my slow cooker. Off to search for good recipes…. :o)

Confidential to my ladies of the snood: smooches to you.