Window Shopping in Paris

A shop cat. 

A cat umbrella in a shop window!

Not sure what’s going on here, but I like it.
(ETA: I have been reliably informed that the little dude
is Professeur Tournesol (in English, Professor Calculus)
from Tintin. Still not sure what’s going on, but thanks B ^_^)

Insubstantial ladies. 

Immodest insubstantial lady. 

If her back hurts, they shouldn’t make her
stand in the window all day. 

She has dressed and positioned herself
not unlike the lady on her shirt. 


Men should wear these shoes more often. 

Yes, this is an excellent outfit for riding a carousel.

I LOVED this lady in the awesome ensemble
fixing her hair in the window. 

Tarte multi fruits. Speaks for itself.