Randutiae, and Give Yourself a Treat Today

If you happened to see me at Books of Wonder on Tuesday covering my ears, singing “la la la la la la!”, and seriously invading Scott Westerfeld’s space, I swear, it was only because I was trying to avoid hearing the Liar spoilers happening on my other side! Justine Larbalestier was being an absolute champ trying to protect me from her conversations with her readers, but really, there’s only so much an author can do! :o) Anyway, I got through unspoilered, and clearly, I need to read Liar ASAP. Oh, and the event was super. Thanks to everyone who came!

If you’re a book blogger who wants to sign up for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap — basically a Secret Santa among book bloggers world-wide — today is the last day.

I’m having a busy week of train-riding and events — I’m home again now, but tomorrow I’m off to New Jersey. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow evening, when I’ll be giving a speech at the fall conference of the New Jersey Association of School Librarians.

A question recently batted around by my friends: How is it that Connecticut can be such a pleasure to train through but such hell to drive through?

Here’s an old favorite. If you have 4 minutes, 30 seconds today, give yourself a treat and watch this again — or for the first time. (Once it starts, I recommend clicking on the little HD.) What are your favorite locations? Mine are Gurgaon, India, just ‘cuz it’s beautiful, and Nellis Airspace, Nevada, because, well… I love all things outerspace. :o)