Pictures from This Weekend’s CAIR Protests in Boston, New York, Pittsburgh

I’m trying to assemble some links with resources for things we can do to fight this cowardly, cruel bully. I hope to post that soon.

BTW, I like this street art by a Japanese graffiti artist.

So, Boston had a rally today organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). We were there, along with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey, Mayor Marty Walsh, and about 20,000 other people. Not a bad turnout for a gathering that was announced yesterday, in reaction to something that happened the day before. Pics by me, unless otherwise stated.

“I need my dad here with me!”

“I love my Muslim boyfriend”

Trump – we are the wall and you will pay”

“White people are f – ing immigrants”

“Proud son of Libyan immigrants”

“We make America great” (with the word”refugee” and arrows pointing down)
“Immigrant, third-generation”

“Every! One! Is! Welcome!”

“Facts over fear”

“Dear world. This is not who we are!”

“Et, tu Tom? Real patriots fight hate (will u?)”
(This and the next three pics were taken by Helena!)

“Green card holder who can still travel b/c Trump is racist”

“To enter, check 1: US citizen; Christian; Trump Hotel in country; future 4th wife”

“But her emails”

A view of Copley Square from where Kevin and I were standing.

In the meantime, Marie sent me this picture from Washington Square in New York…

And Dorothy went to a rally in Pittsburgh.
“Bring me your white, already secure, from countries that benefit Trump financially?”

“Immigrants + refugees, yinz are all welcome in the city of bridges.”
(“Yinz” is a Pittsburghism.)

“Walls are for jagoffs” (another Pittsburghism)

“Pittsburgh loves all our neighbors” (Pittsburgh was the home of Mr. Rogers)

“Won’t you be my neighbor?”

So, that was this weekend. Next weekend, I’ll be in northern California, having dinner with wonderful librarians and teen readers at the California School Library Association’s 2017 Conference in Sonoma Wine Country. I think I might talk about the importance of truth. And if there’s a protest while I’m there, I’ll go to it.

Signing off with one more view of Copley Square in Boston today, taken by Kevin. Click it to embiggen. Next time there’s an anti-hate, anti-fascist, anti-ignorance, anti-[so many things] rally near you, if you possibly can, do go to it, and make your voice heard!