Pictures and Stories from the Counter-Protest in Boston

Yesterday, about 20,000 protesters marched through Roxbury and the South End, joining another approximately 20,000 protesters who were already gathered at the Boston Common. We were 40,000 strong, protesting a handful of people having a “free speech,” a.k.a. hate speech, rally in our city.

Kevin and I, with some friends, were part of the marching contingent. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

“It’s not about free speech. It’s about bigots normalizing hate.”

“These guys don’t get why we can’t get along.”

“Stop pretending that your racism is patriotism.”

“Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance.”

“Silence = compliance.”

I loved all the people who came out of their businesses to cheer, yell their support, watch. Like these dentists!

And these people on roofs.

Me and Kevin.

“All live matter but… not every race is targeted for execution.”

Jesus was a socialist, middle-eastern Jew.”

“Bad hombre reporting for duty.”

On the subway train on the way home, a man making loud racist remarks began to focus his vitriol on a woman near him who was holding a protest sign. People nearby were ignoring it, pretending it wasn’t happening. Then a man crossed the car to the woman, asked her if she was okay, and stood with her keeping her company, putting himself between the racist and her. I was so proud, because that was Kevin.

“Jerks on the Common aren’t the main Boston story. This is.”

Dear readers, marchers, vulnerable people, and people pushing back against hate: this is your story, and you are the heroes. Keep up the good work.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥