Paris: The Museum of the Hunt

The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature is an odd little place in Paris, a museum that combines historic weaponry and taxidermied animals with art from various periods, some of it contemporary. It’s macabre, creepy, bizarre — and in some parts, quite beautiful.

Not a real owl. We asked.

 From what we could tell, this is
a mangled teddy bear in formaldehyde.

I was quite taken with this lopsided, one-horned guy.

His expression was rather pensive.

 I adored this sculpture by Janine Janet, but it was impossible to photograph
effectively. Here’s a not-terrible photo of his top half by someone else.
 The God of the Forest looked like a birch tree come to life.

 The falcon caps were beautiful but depressed me.
 The falcon’s eyes are covered while wearing them.