Notes from a Mission Accomplished

Dutch adult market cover of Graceling —> click to enlarge —>

Last week I visited the Boston area for a few days. There, I:
  • spent some time with a friend and a small orange furry quadruped person;
  • got to hang out with my sister, secret code name: Apocalyptica, for an evening;
  • made beef stroganoff;
  • baked cookies;
  • wrote 10 pages of a frustrating scene and crossed out 9; and
  • accomplished a very important secret mission.
Then I flew back home to Florida, where the air feels like bathwater. There, I:
  • went for a sunset walk along the river. The sky was dusty blue, the water was the color of an eggplant, and a humongous, nearly full, pale pink moon rose right out of nowhere. I live in such a beautiful place!;
  • curled up on the couch and watched an embarrassing number of Veronica Mars episodes in succession. (My thoughts on Season 2 [SPOILERS!]: It’s not as good as Season 1. However, I remain v. fond of Logan and am convinced that if everyone he loved would stop beating him up, betraying him, or dying — and if he could also go a few months without being framed for murder — he would stop being a sociopath);
  • worked on an interview for the 2009 Summer Blog Blast Tour; and
  • FINALLY made some progress with the frustrating scene mentioned above. A satisfying end to a week in which one has accomplished a secret mission!
So. What is this secret mission of which I speak?
  • I found my next home! It’s exactly the right apartment in my favorite extra-Boston town. I’m happy, not to mention a lot less stressed out. I move in July.
What did you do last week?