In Which I Can’t Even Come up with a Subject Line

I’m a tad bit disappointed with my new outside stick-on-the-window thermometer. Its little suction cups work excellently and it has a cute picture of a bird on a thistle, but it’s been telling me all weekend that the outside temperature is 122°F (50°C). This is not helpful.

I had a big, ambitious post planned for today, all about TV shows I recommend, but then I sat down to “spend a few minutes” pulling together some preliminary tax numbers for 2010. Six hours later, I staggered from my office desperate for it to end, tripped over my yoga ball, landed on my foam roller, then lay on the kitchen floor for a while, bemoaning all existence.


The Horn Book Magazine did something super-cool in their latest issue: they published an article about fat politics in YA literature! Go read “YA Fatphobia” by Kathryn Nolfi, right here. And if you’d like to read a good reaction piece, Rebecca Rabinowitz wrote one here. This is not a small thing. I’m really, really happy that the Horn Book published this article.

Good heavens! I keep forgetting that it’s ALA weekend. I’d like to send a hug out today to anyone who’s been receiving phone calls from awards committees, and especially to anyone who hasn’t. Someday, when I’m not trying to dictate from my kitchen floor, I’ll organize my thoughts about the phenomenon of book awards, and post them here. They’re not simple things, awards.

I hope to be back with more energy on Thursday.

And my heart goes out to everyone affected by the horrible events in Arizona.