In Paris, Remembering Bologna

Is it possible that Bologna was only a week ago?

The following photos were taken by Federico Borella, who kindly gave me permission to display them on my blog. Thank you, Federico! (And click the pictures to enbiggen.)

The sword-fighting took place in a courtyard adjacent to the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna’s center.

Sword-fighting experts showed off their stuff (and their snazzy Fire tunics).

Not only can they fight, they can teach! Federico (not the same Federico as the photographer) was awfully patient with me and my giggles. (And my bizarro foot placement? Doesn’t it look like I should fall over?)

Next, the translator of my books, Claudia Resta, happened along.

We had a score to settle. Claudia keeps changing my character names because they sound like swear words in Italian. And I keep writing really long books that she has to translate! Everyone knows that the best solution to any disagreement is a duel.

Do you notice, in the following photo, that two people look highly competent and one person looks like if this were a serious duel, she would already be lying on the ground in a pool of blood?

Claudia won the duel, but I’m going to keep writing long books anyway. 🙂