This morning, they’re playing the music from Brokeback Mountain (by divine Argentine composer Gustavo Santaolalla) in my hotel breakfast room. Spain, why are you trying to make me cry?

So,I had no book business in Copenhagen. I was there because it’s the closest big airport to Kristianstad, Sweden, and the most sensible place from which to fly to Madrid. Thanks to the luck of timing, I arrived Saturday early afternoon and left Sunday noon, and I’m SO GLAD. It’s a stunning, colorful, lived-in city and it was love at first sight for me. I’ll make a point of going back.

I don’t have loads of time, so I don’t provide a lot of explanation here — sorry. I just wandered and took pictures until late, mainly, then got up really early and wandered again.

 Lots here, so I’m putting most behind a cut, which will hopefully work from my phone. 

Crossing the sea by train between Denmark and Sweden

Copenhagen street

I’ll place my cut here; hopefully this will work on my phone; click the link to see the rest of the pictures: 

I usually try not to take pictures directly of specific people,
but these people were dressed up so beautifully for this party…
(I couldn’t resist with the musicians shown above, either.
Though at least in that case, I could give them some money.)

Loved this playground architecture. 

Copenhagen has stunning spires. Look closely:
alligators with winding tails.

Another one way far in the
 distance. Amazing. 

Notice the date on this building: 1623. 

Rosenborg Castle. 

One of the lions guarding the castle.

Gardens outside the castle.

I just liked the blue wall of this school building.

 Funny fish fountain. 

People growing limes on their balcony – made me happy.

Beautiful Copenhagen. I’ll visit you again.