Clarity plzzzzzz

So, here’s a small tip for writers out there: you know those moments when you get a great idea and jot it down on the nearest ink-accepting object? Your hand; the pizza box; if it’s a good day, a post-it note? Well: WRITE THE IDEA OUT IN COMPLETE WORDS, NOT SHORTHAND. You think you’ll remember later what you meant. But you won’t, really. YOU WON’T.

I was going through some post-it notes the other day, looking for ideas, and I came across one that said this: an experience that doesn’t fit into real life (FW by CV; 12 Monkeys).

The “12 Monkeys” part, I got. Terry Gilliam’s (awesome) movie Twelve Monkeys is definitely about an experience that doesn’t fit into real life. But… “FW by CV?” What the hell does that mean? And the problem is, it matters. The reason I thought “an experience that doesn’t fit into real life” was worth writing down was because of the way it intersected with how Twelve Monkeys and “FW by CV,” whatever that means, made me feel. That’s my jotting method, so I know that this note is supposed to evoke something based on those things. But until I figure out what “FW by CV” means, I’m not going to get back that feeling “FW by CV” made me feel, and the writerly thing that I meant this note to spark in my mind is not going to be sparked.

I wonder if any of you have figured out what “FW by CV” means?

I did figure it out, after a lot of wasted time, and I’ll give you a hint: FW is a book by CV.

More hints: FW is a book with a fantasy feel, by young adult author, CV.

Young adult author, CV?

Last hint: this author won a Newbery, not for this book, but for another (wonderful) book.

Here’s your answer :o).