Cavalia’s Odysseo

I went to see Cavalia’s Odysseo, which is this beautiful show involving horses, trainers, acrobats, riders, aerialists, and musicians currently taking place under an enormous tent here in Boston (Somerville). One of the acts involves four aerialists doing a silks show up high on a spinning rig that’s being spun by four white horses below. It made me so speechless that I confess I barely clapped for the next act, not because it wasn’t amazing, but because I couldn’t move. In case you’re having trouble imagining what a show involving horses, trainers, acrobats, riders, aerialists, and musicians is like, here’s a little video. :o) (You can watch the silks show for a few seconds around 1:59.)

My absolute favorite parts of the show, by the way, were those moments when all these unsaddled, unbridled horses would be running en masse across land or water in graceful formation and suddenly one of them would be like, “Meh, I’m not into this. I’m going to go stand over there and watch. Yep. You guys look great from here!” Or, on one occasion, “I don’t feel like running with this group anymore. I like the looks of that group all the way over there. *run* *smash* *SQUEEZE*  Yes, this is much better!” The trainers, sometimes laughing, would just adapt the act to accommodate what the rogue horse wanted to do. Oh, and speaking of water: during the intermission, the staff distributed towels to the people sitting in the first row.

After the show, I got to visit the stables!

A lot of the horses were getting their manes braided after the show…

…or getting some love from the riders.

Horses are kind of amazing to look at. LOOK AT HIS FACE.

The rider who was scritching the horse in that picture above kindly explained in Spanish
to a nice Spanish-English speaker, who kindly explained in English to me, that the marks
on the horses are the signs of what farms they were born on and bought from.
They are marked at birth.

This horse really wanted to play.

This horse engaged me in a lengthy staring contest.
He won by a resounding margin.