Can you help with an issue of disability discrimination in Massachusetts?

Over at Rebecca Rabinowitz’s blog, a woman who needs MA state licensure for the job for which she’s qualified is having a terrible time getting that licensure, because the state is failing to provide her with the assistive technology she needs to take the licensure exam. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Jeanette Beal is entitled to a fair chance at taking this exam, but she’s not getting that fair chance. Beal has a master’s in special education and specializes in assistive technology for disabled people. Any chance you can help? Please go read Jeanette’s letter, repost (in full, please), link to my or Rebecca’s post, offer to help if you can. Thanks.

ETA on Tuesday, April 9: Here’s an update with a list of specific things people can do to help.

ETA on Friday, April 26: Jeanette Beal is now blogging updates to her situation at her own blog. Please follow and comment there. Thank you!