Announcement of a Grand Adventure

The other day, I wrote a blog post with the heading, “These times make me inarticulate.”

I wonder if any of you noticed my misspelling? I changed it as soon as I noticed it, but for a little while, it said, “These times make me inarcticulate”…

I’m afraid I have the Arctic on the brain :o). That’s because in October, I’m going to be doing an artist residency for a couple weeks on a tall ship in the Arctic Circle, opening my writing heart and mind to that vulnerable ecosystem. I bet it will affect everything I write thereafter.

The remarkable organization making this possible is called The Arctic Circle. The photos you’ll see if you go to that link are not out of this world, they’re right at the top of this world, but you may think otherwise when you see them. In the words of the organization, “International artists, scientists, educators and innovators will live and work aboard a Barquentine Tall Ship while sailing the waters of the international territory of Svalbard, an Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees latitude from the North Pole. The Arctic Circle program provides opportunity for artists and innovators to pursue their personal projects on board while exploring collaboration with the expedition’s fellow participants.”

I am the luckiest writer on earth to have this opportunity. I’m already preparing for it and I will not waste it. I promise to share as much of it as I can with you on this blog (lots of pictures!) and in my future writing.

And for those of you thinking of Jane’s aunt Magnolia in Jane, Unlimited… Don’t worry. I promise I’ll come back. :o)